Deleting a Page

Important Note: Before deleting a page, it is best practice to use the "Remove from Site" option under Publishing on the Content tab.  This will archive the page and queue it for removal from the live site during the next publishing run.  By archiving the page, you will be able to maintain the revision history.  If you would rather remove the page completely from CM1 and the live site, be sure to archive the page prior to deleting the page within CM1.  If you delete the page without archiving, the page will remain on the live site.


To delete a page:

You can select a page in Websites view of the Finder and click Delete Button to delete it.
Note that you can use this procedure to delete all page types except landing pages; if you select a landing page, the Delete Button button does not become enabled. For information on deleting landing pages, see Maintaining Site Navigation and Structure.
When you delete a page, CM1 automatically removes links to the page on pages in Website view, but the links remain on the published site until the next publication.
To delete a page:

  1. Open Websites view in the Finder.
  2. Locate the page that you want to delete and select it. 
    The delete icon Delete Button in the Finder's toolbar becomes enabled.
  3. In the toolbar, click Delete Button.
  4. You are prompted to confirm the action: 
    Delete Are You Sure
  5. Click [Cancel] to cancel the delete action. Click [OK] to permanently delete the page. . 
    When the page is deleted, assets on the page (shared content) remain in the Finder's Library view, but local content on the page (content entered directly onto the page) is deleted. Any content on the page that is inherited from its template remains on the template in the template library.


  • Deleting a page removes links to that page in other pages in the site. The links are not removed from published pages until the next incremental or full publishing run executes.
  • If you attempt to delete a page that is open for editing by another user, a dialog informs you that it must be closed first: 
    Delete Being Edited 
    Click [OK] to close the dialog. The delete action is cancelled. Ask the user editing the page or an administrator to check in the page. Once it is checked in, you can delete it.
  • If a page is open for editing by you, and you click Delete Button, the page is deleted. If you are editing the page in a content editor, the content editor is cleared.
  • If you attempt to delete a page, and you have modified but not yet saved a page in Layout view, a dialog asks you if you want to save the page. 
    Delete Being Edited 
    Click [OK] to save the modified page and delete the selected page. 
    Click [Cancel] to leave the modified page open and unsaved and cancel the delete action.
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