Iframe Gadget

The Iframe gadget (or "App Gadget") provides users the ability to integrate third-party applications directly onto the CM1 Dashboard. The user can add as many iframe gadgets as they would like onto his or her dashboard.  The iframe gadget serves as a wrapper around the application. 

To use the iframe gadget you simply add it onto the dashboard, and edit settings to name the gadget and provide the URL for the application.  The user can also specify the height of the gadget.  Gadget width cannot be configured, but the gadget can be placed in either the left or right column. If the application is larger than the height and width of the gadget itself, the gadget may display scrollbars.  

If the iframe gadget is being used to display a secure application, CM1 persists no information about the login information. This means that the content of the pages is stored outside of CM1 on other web servers, like normal web pages, and then simply displayed in the middle of your CM1 Dashboard.

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