Introduction to Gadgets

Gadgets are small boxes of data on the Dashboard that provide you with information about your CM1 environment, such as links to CM1 resources and lists of pages in your sites in different workflow states.


Dashboard with Welcome and Pages by Status Gadgets

Gadgets are simple to use and cannot be modified; however, you can expand, minimize, and delete gadgets from the dashboard, and in some cases, you can change user settings.

To expand or minimize a gadget, click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of the gadget and choose the Expand or Minimize option from the drop menu.

Gadget Minimize
To delete a gadget from the dashboard, click the down arrow and choose delete. You can add the gadget back onto the dashboard at any time.
Gadget Delete
If the gadget allows you to modify user settings, when you click the down arrow, you see the Edit Settings option in the menu.
Edit Settings
If you choose Edit Settings, the gadget expands to show the settings under the gadget title.
Gadget Showing Properties

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