Global Variables Gadget

The Global Variables gadget provides the ability to define a text token that can be used in rich text widgets throughout the website. It is meant for highly reusable content that will appear on multiple pages. It is similar to a shared asset, but different in that it provides the ability to include the text string within an existing content block. For example, a university could list the number of students enrolled or a retail chain could list the number of stores. By updating the value in a single place it would automatically be updated in all pages where the variable is used.  

A user can define a global variable on the Dashboard and then update the variable value at any time. The updated value will be displayed in the editor page, the page preview and then in the published page. The refresh occurs automatically and does not require any intervention by the user other than publishing to update the live site.  

Changing the value of the global variable does not cause a page to change workflow status. As such, customers using global variables are encouraged to perform full publishes to ensure that all pages containing the global variable are updated on the live site.  

You can delete a global variable at any time. The value of the global variable at the last time the page was accessed (viewed in CM1, edited, or published) will be retained as plain text if the variable is deleted.  

Global Variables Gadget

The Global Variable name is limited to 140 characters. 

The Global Variable value is limited to 512 characters.  

There is a maximum of 1000 global variables. It is not recommend that a large number of global variables be used on any given page as there may be performance issues in assembling a page containing many global variables.  

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