Pages By Status Gadget

The Pages by Status gadget displays a list of pages by site and workflow state, and beginning with Release 3.0 provides the ability to approve pages in bulk. By default, the gadget shows pages in all sites in the Pending workflow state, but you can set it to display pages in a specific site or in a different workflow state.

Pages By Status

Pages by Status Gadget as displayed in the right column

Display Columns (as of Release 3.0)

  • Title: The Page Link text for the page. You can hover over the title to view the folder path to the page in the Finder.
  • Status: The Workflow status of the page.
  • Last Modified by: The last user who made edits to the page
  • Template: The template assigned to the page.
  • Modified: The date and time stamp of the last saved changes to the page.
  • Published: The date and time stamp when the page was last published. If the page has never been published, the column is blank.

The list can be sorted on any column by clicking on the column header. Additional clicks on the same column header reverse the sort order.

Gadget Settings

As of Release 3.0, most of the gadget settings have been removed. The only remaining gadget setting is the Display height. This controls the number of rows that can be displayed at one time.  This setting also impacts how many rows can be approved at one time. 

In releases prior to 3.0, the gadget settings could also be used to control the site displayed and the workflow status.  

Filtering pages

In 3.0, a new search component has been added to the gadget to more easily identify pages that are awaiting review or approval.  By clicking the Select Filters link, the user can choose to filter by a number of criteria:

  • Site: Select a specific site
  • Template: Select pages that are using a specific template. This filter is disabled until a site has been selected.
  • Workflow: Select pages that are using a specific workflow.
  • State: Select pages that are in a specific step in the workflow. This filter is disabled until a workflow has been selected. 
  • Last Modified by: Select pages that were last modified by a specific user.

Pages by Status Filters

Filters persist across sessions, and you can have multiple Pages by Status gadget, each with different sets of filters. Users that upgrading from prior versions will find that the gadget settings have been converted to filters as part of the upgrade. 

Working with Pages from the Gadget

In release 3.0, the behavior of the Pages by Status gadget has been modified to more easily facilitate Editing and Approving pages in the system:

To preview a page, hover on a given row and click on the Preview icon to the right of the page title. 

To edit a page, click on the page title. If you have edit access to the page, CM1 displays the page editor. If you do not have access to the page, CM1 displays a warning message.

To approve page(s), select the checkboxes as the beginning of the row for each page that you wish to approve and click the Approve button.  You will note that as the pages are approved, the status will update to Pending.  If you have filtered pages by Workflow State, the pages will in the list until you click "Refresh". You can only approve as many pages as are displayed on the gadget at one time. For example, if there are 100 pages to be approved and the gadget is configured to display 25 rows, you would need to sets of 25 at a time to approve.  

For additional information about editing pages, see Editing Content on a Page or Template.

Workflow Errors

If a user attempts to approve a page that he does not have rights to approve, the user will be given a warning with an explanation as to why the page could not be approved.  

Pages by Status Error Message

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