Editing an Asset in the Finder

To edit an asset (shared content), you open an editor that displays the asset's data in its fields. After modifying any editable data, you save your modifications, and the changes appear in all pages and templates containing the asset. For example, if four pages in the site contain an Image asset that displays a globe, and you change the image to a tree, all four pages will now display a tree.
You can edit any asset by opening it in the Finder and modifying its content. If the asset is located on a page or template, you can also edit it through its widget editor. Regardless of whether you modify an asset through the Finder or on a specific page or template, the asset is changed on all pages and templates containing it. Note that you can only change local content by opening its widget editor on a page or template.
For help editing an asset through its widget editor, see Modifying Content through a Widget Editor.
The following steps demonstrate how to edit an asset in the Finder.
To edit an asset in the Finder:

  1. Click Assets on the left side of the Finder.
  2. Find the asset that you want to edit and double-click it. 
    In Editor view, the asset's editor opens in read-only mode. 
    A pop-up warns you if you are not authorized to edit the asset, and the editor does not open. 
    In most cases, the fields are the same as those on the widget editor other than the Name field included on the form for non-binary assets. Refer to the topic on the corresponding widget for information about the fields.
  3. Click the [Edit] button. 
    If the asset is available for editing, it opens in edit mode. (If you open an asset through its widget editor, it immediately opens in edit mode.) 
    The editor does not open if:
    • You are not authorized to edit the asset.
    • Another user is currently editing the asset.
  4. Modify any of the editable fields that you want to change.
  5. Click [Save].

The asset is saved, and the modifications appear in all pages and templates that contain the asset.
The asset editor remains open in edit mode so you can make further changes to its content.
Note: If your edit includes modifying or uploading a new binary file, the binary file in the existing asset changes, but a new asset is not created. The name of the asset that you see in the Finder changes to the name of the new uploaded file, and every page or template that contains the binary asset now displays the new binary data.

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