Deleting an Asset

To delete an asset:

  1. On the left side of the Finder, click Assets.
  2. Click the asset that you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete Button 
    A dialog warns you that continuing with the delete action will remove the asset from all pages that contain it and permanently delete it from the system. It will no longer be available to you or any other users.
  4. Click [OK]. 
    The following warning dialogs may appear:
    • If you do not have permission to delete the asset, a dialog tells you that you are not authorized to perform the deletion.
    • If the asset is included on any templates, you cannot delete it. A dialog tells you to remove the asset from the templates before attempting again to delete it.
    • If the asset is included on one or more pages that have been published or are approved for publishing, a dialog suggests that you review these pages before deleting the asset. 
      Delete Live 
      To delete the asset, click the Contine to delete asset checkbox to enable the [OK] button, and then click [OK]. 
      To cancel the delete action, click [Cancel]. At this point, you can review the live and pending pages that include the asset.
  5. If you are authorized to delete the asset, and it is not included on any templates or pending or published pages, the asset is deleted from the system and no longer appears in the Finder or in any pages or templates that included it.
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