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The Activity gadget enables users to view page activity on all sites or on one site and its folders during a specified period of time. Page activity includes the number of pages added, updated, and removed from the site(s). The gadget also shows the number of pages on the site(s) and the number of pages ready to be published. By default, the gadget shows activity for all sites in the last five days, but you can change the settings.

If the gadget is in the larger column of the Dashboard it appears as:

Activity Sites Oly 

If the gadget is in the narrower column of the Dashboard, it does not include statistics for pages added, updated, and removed, but includes the column Changes, which is the sum of these three values:

Activity Gadget Short 

Table Columns
Name - Name of the site or folder that the row represents. If you choose All SitesName displays each site in the system as in the graphics above.
If you choose a specific site, Name displays the site entry first and its top-level folders below it in alphabetical order. For example, in the following graphic, the sitetestsite is selected, so the gadget displays statistics for testsite first and for its top-level folders, Who-We-Are and Volunteer-Voices, below it.
     Activity Gadget On Site 


# Pages on Site - The total number of pages published on the site.
Changes - The number of page changes during the time span shown. Changes is the sum of the columns NewUpdates, and Take Downs.
New - (Not displayed in the narrow version of the gadget.) The number of pages that went live for the first time during the time span shown. Pages are still counted asNew if they are removed from the web site during the time span. If a page goes live more than once during the time span, it is counted as New one time.
Updates - (Not displayed in the narrow version of the gadget.) The number of pages that were previously live that became live again during the time span. For example, a published event page is taken down and modified before or during the time span, but made live again during the time span. Updates is incremented each time a page is republished during a time span.
Take downs - (Not displayed in the narrow version of the gadget.) Number of pages removed from the published site during the time span shown. Take Downs is incremented each time a page is taken down during a time span.
Pending - All pages that are in a pending state now, at the time that activity is being calculated.

User Settings


Activity Gadget Initial

Duration - The unit for measuring the duration of activities shown on the gadget. Options are:

  • Days (default)
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Years

How Many - A number indicating how many Duration units are included when calculating pages. The default is 5, but any integer greater than 0 is valid. The time of activities displayed on the gadget spans from how many durations ago to the present. For example, if How Many is 5 and Duration is Days, the gadget shows activity from 5 days ago to today.
Site - The sites or site whose activity you want to view. Options are:

  • All Sites (default)
  • Each site on your system

To display activity for a site or all sites during a range of time:

  1. In the gadget, click the down arrow in the upper right corner and choose Edit Settings
    The gadget displays the user settings.
  2. Specify a time range by choosing an option for Duration and entering a number for How Many.
  3. In Site, select All Sites or an individual site.
  4. Click [SAVE]. 
    The gadget now displays a table showing activity for the site(s) and duration chosen. 
    In addition, the title of the gadget changes to reflect your choices.
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